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NNB Advogados offers legal assistance in Business Law to clients from many economic sectors, with a wide capacity to support them both in their daily activities and in specific transactions, in different jurisdictions.

Our office is composed by experienced lawyers, who act according to technical excellence standards, ensuring our ability to offer complete, personalized, and highly qualified legal services. We support national and foreign companies, of different sizes and from the most varied sectors.

In addition to our own professionals, we also have correspondents located in several countries, which allows us to deliver integrated and innovative solutions to our clients.

In order to offer the best and the most accurate results, we add elements of applied technology to our legal services, seeking dynamism, efficiency, and innovation in customer service, always in the scope of Business Law.


The NNB Advogados’ team is composed by professionals of excellence that are highly specialized in Business Law practices.

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Tax legal advice

Legal advisory covering taxes at the Federal, State, and Municipal levels.

Legal opinions

Specific legal studies substantiated to support the company's decision-making process.

Diagnosis of tax legal risks, including the analysis of internal processes (litigation management)

Independent legal assessment about risk management.

Tax inspection attendance, including the preparation of answers to inquiries

Support during tax inspections aiming to minimize potential tax assessments.

Administrative inquiries

Preparation and monitoring of administrative rulings and consultations regarding tax matters.

Tax controversy litigation

Support in administrative and judicial litigation involving all types of taxes.

Legal Tax Due Diligence

Assessment of legal risks for the purpose of buying and selling legal entities.

Post-merger Integration

Post-merger integration support regarding to aspects identified in the legal tax due diligence process. Strategic advice on business associations.

Incorporation of a company

Advice concerning corporate solutions and execution of the legal part for the incorporation of a company in Brazil.

Preparation and review of corporate acts

Support for the corporate routine of legal entities.

Registrations and regularizations in the Brazilian Central Bank, Boards of Trade and other government agencies

Legal advice and paralegal activities.

Preparation and review of shareholders’ agreement

Legal guidance aligned to business objectives.

Succession planning

It covers the legal and tax perspectives arising from the succession.

Corporate reorganizations (incorporation, spin-off, merger, dropdown, liquidation)

Legal advice and consultancy involving the most varied types of corporate reorganization.

Corporate Law due diligence

Assessment of risks related to corporate obligations.

Post-merger integration support regarding to aspects identified in the Corporate Law due diligence process

Legal consultancy and business combination operationalization.

Legal support in acquisitions and divestments (sales) of companies and in joint-ventures (MOU, confidentiality agreements, letter of intent, share purchase and sale agreement, among others)

Legal support for the different stages that make up the M&A practice.

Commercial Law advisory

Preventive legal advice in support to business areas.

Contracts advisory

Support in negotiating and formatting business with the formalization of contracts in general.

Intellectual property

Elaboration and implementation of strategies for the protection of intellectual assets.

Advisory and contracts in intellectual property

Guidance in business involving intellectual property, including the registration or annotation of the respective contracts

Judicial recovery

Legal advice related to debt collection.

Privacy and Data Protection

Advisory in the implementation and maintenance of privacy and data protection programs; DPO support; acting in incidents involving personal data; administrative and judicial litigation.


Legal advice on operations and transactions involving software.

New Technologies

Legal opinions on the regulation of new technologies; structuring new businesses and providing legal advice on the implementation and use of new technologies.

Corporate Labor and Social Security Law

General labor guidance.

Legal assessment of HR policies and regulations

Legal review of labor compliance.

Legal review and advice on process of compensation, benefits and long-term incentive plans (stock options, profit sharing, among others)

Legal-strategic assessment of specific areas.

Legal advice on mobility and immigration processes

Guidance and formalization of immigration processes.

Legal support in labor relations

Labor litigation for employers; Legal analysis regarding cross border employment; Evaluation and operationalization of expatriation processes.

Labor Law and Social Security due diligence

Labor legal due diligence.

Post-merger integration support

In relation to labor and social security aspects identified in the Labor Law and Social Security Due Diligence process; Advice and implementation of business combinations.


The professionals of NNB Advogados are graduated in the main universities in Brazil and have important specializations courses in Brazil and abroad. Meet some of our professionals:

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